BC Racing Outlet Open for business & FREE Shipping

BC Racing Coilover’s is pleased to announce a partnership with the official Canadian distributor of all BC Racing Outlet‘s Products. The store currently sports over 500 items, FREE Shipping and one of the largest warehouses in north america. Head on over to the newly released website to purchase your next set of bc racing coilovers NOW.  According to Revwerks Canada they are very excited to be managing the outlet store and look forward to bringing forward some great promotions and deals for all makes and models of cars. It has already been confirmed they will become active board sponsors on Honda Tech  as well as the well known forum NASIOC.

If you are looking to purchase bc racing coilovers at the cheapest prices and quickes and FREE shipping check them out today.

Scion FRS Coilovers for sale 

BMW coilovers for sale

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The Car Network official launches preview program

We have confirmed today that The GT Channel will have a competitor in the automotive video industry. The new owner has indeed given us the approval to blog about this great news. “TCN” also known as The Car Network is a video powerhouse network that monetizes your content with automotive based adverts in order to increase CPMs. TCN will offer partners a promotion program to help YouTubers succeed in the automotive niche. This new network is a collaboration between BroadbandTV and TCN itself and will provide various solutions for content creators in order to rise to the top of the charts on YouTube!

LYF clothing line rivals billionaire boys club

The LYF team announced today that it will competing with popular clothing brand Billionaire Boys Club giving it a good run for its money. The new LYF line up will be a high end exclusive brand featuring limited production units for each T shirt/clothing. The brand is expected to be available full force this summer. LYF is a new luxury brand created by a small group of individuals based in Canada. Sponsored by Adam Hurstfield at Rockstar Academy.

LYF and Co

Peter Danihel @ Gofundme

Peter Danihel launches media promotion service for celebrities

Our friends at the viewly group have just confirmed that Jan Netherdrake and Peter Danihel have one more time teamed up to create an excellent way to obtain YouTube views. Viewly uses a unique viewing system which utilizes real traffic to boost the views to your videos. This system works flawlessly and does not get your videos banned as the traffic comes in a more natural way. This service will launch April 24, 2014 to a certain few of lucky individuals.

XOXO Entertainment launches its media division.

Sources say that Adam at XOXO has launched its internal media development company under a private label. His new media company will produce records under his private media division. We recently contacted him to schedule an interview for this news and will blog about it once its done! In the meantime check out Adam H. Hurstfield on YouTube or Adam H at the XOXO about page.

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